Westfield Road, Bishop Auckland
County Durham, DL14 6AE

Open House (Warm Spaces)

Warm Spaces has now become Open House.





The Church is open to the community as a Warm and Welcoming Space on the following days:

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Bishop Auckland Baptist Church has been recognised by the Baptist Union of Great Britain as contributing to the Warm Spaces initiative https://www.baptist.org.uk/Articles/648064/_We_think.aspx

When the Warm Spaces Initiative came to an end we decided to continue the valuable work and have now rebranded as Open House.

John Gaines is a deacon at Bishop Auckland Baptist Church, which is offering a warm, safe space three days a week from 10am to 2pm, with the nearby Methodist Church opening its building on another two days.

‘Both churches offer a warm safe space, internet access, tea and coffee, food, toilets and company,’ said John.

‘We have used this as the basis for our Warm Space, but only provide a light lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but all the tea and coffee required.

‘We have received a grant from Durham County Council, to assist with the energy costs, and I believe the Methodist Church have also received funding.’

He explained that on the first day, Tuesday 1 November 2022, 18 people attended. Some stayed a short time, others for as long as they could, but ‘all availed themselves of the food and hot drinks provided, and the warmth.’ They ages ranged from children to a 90 year old.

‘Board games, paper and crayons, and books are all available,’ John continued. ‘But most people just want the hot drinks, the food, the warmth, and company.

‘Is this not what Jesus would have done? He fed the hungry. He protected the vulnerable, and showed His love to everyone. Here, all are welcome.’

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